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7 responses on "蜘蛛机器人详细功能展示"

  1. Hi i need your assistance I just bought your spider robot R1 Four-legged Spider Robot mg90s kit Maker Nodemcu but it does not come with a manual, can you please provide me a manual how to make it work.Do I need to download a file ?please email me at marceliano.castellano@transcom.com. Thanks

  2. Need assistance I just bought this robot online. When I receive it there is no manual or a guide. Can you help? I am having a hard time to have this assembled. And do I need to connect the spider to a computer before using it ? Please need help

  3. Hi

    Good Morning!

    Can I ask a wiring color coded diagram how to wire the spider Robot I bought from you.

    Or just send me a picture in a clear view how to install all the wiring to the wifi board. I did not get any manual from the package for wiring diagram. having a hard time with the wiring installation.

    Please email it to my email add. marceliano.castellano@transcom.com

    Thank you.

  4. Hi,

    Need Help for the wiring diagram. I have done assembling the spider. Thanks for the big help. Now I need a guide on wiring installation. I am having a hard time with the wiring . If you can send me picture like a top view for the picture wiring installation. It would be a great help.

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